About Kolade Fakunle

Kolade Fakunle

Hey stalker,

My name is Kolade Fakunle and you’re highly welcome to my blog.

In a nutshell, I write compelling copy that sells, promote good products (with recurring commissions) on auto-pilot, design money making niche sites and proudly own this blog. 

My Internet Marketing journey began sometimes in 2015 in one of my CHM102 classes as a chemical engineering undergraduate student at one of the best institution in my country.

I realized I truly never liked my course. Like many other students, I only cared about having my share of the “national oil money” with no solid passion for the work it entails (Oil and gas industry is a lucrative industry in my country).

After series of having to read voluminous materials to pass and having to cram long-ass formulas, it wasn’t long before I took a deep dive into my true passion to see if I could actually earn a living online as the experts say.

Well, the journey is still ongoing and I’ve had a little success but still yearning for MORE!

As a Freelance Content Writer, I’ve created some kick-ass blog posts on some of your favorite authority blogs in the internet marketing niche.

For example, Smart Business Trends and Catlin Bettridge Blog.

My sole aim of starting this blog is to practice and also teach you how to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing.

On this blog, you’ll find reviews of products I love and use, marketing strategies you’ve never heard about and interview sessions with marketing experts to share their secrets.

If you don’t understand the concept behind affiliate marketing, here is what it entails.

Affiliate Marketing is like the real deal and holy grail in the make money online niche.

You don’t have to go through the stress of product creation, design, development or even customer support. All you’re involved in is the marketing aspect;

All you’re required to do is find a product you love and use and recommend it to your audience and BOOM!

Passive Income.

It’s Eassssy Peaaaaasy, right?

Currently, I use and actively promote ClickFunnels (Sales Funnel Builder).

Why Do I Promote ClickFunnels?

It’s an amazing product and they have an awesome affiliate program (pays 40% recurring affiliate commissions) which you can learn more about here.

My goal is to win the ClickFunnels Dream Car by successfully referring over 100 subscribers to ClickFunnels.

I hope I achieve it soon!

Wanna say hi or hire me for any of my services? My love for collaboration is unending.

You can disturb my life on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn let’s kick your competitors’ ass and make some money…lol!

You can also shoot me (with a toy gun of course) a mail at fakunlekolade [at] gmail dot com

I reply in minutes (except while I’m eating).

Talk soon,