Bluehost Affiliate Program Review [2021]: Earn $65 Per Sale

To launch a website or blog on the internet, you need to host it online.

That’s one of your first steps!

You need to engage the services of a professional website hosting company to provide fast and secure site hosting.

Many website hosting companies fail in this regard. 

I’ve tried lots of hosting companies and most of them deliver the opposite of the shiny, polished offer they promise on their web homepage.

They offer shitty, unreliable hosting services and cause havoc in the sites of their clients.

Most don’t provide up to half the uptime they claim to guarantee.

But some companies have really stood out, delivering excellent value in recent years and Bluehost is one of these hosting companies.

Aside from providing safe and secure website hosting, they also have one of the best web hosting affiliate programs on the internet.

And we’ll be mainly looking at what the Bluehost affiliate program entails in this article.

Keep reading as we dive in.

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost Home

Bluehost is a company that provides web hosting services to website owners.

The company was launched in 2003 by Matt Heaton, and since then, they boast of powering over 2 million websites with their robust web hosting services.

And they’ve grown to become the No. 1 recommended hosting provider by WordPress. 

Along with its core hosting services, Bluehost offers 24/7 support, free SSL certificates, free .com domain name registration, 1-click WordPress install and one of the highest paying affiliate programs suitable for bloggers.

Bluehost sells various types of hosting plans like:

  • Shared Hosting: Basic hosting plan for individual websites or blogs
  • VPS Hosting: Virtual private servers for larger websites with powerful features
  • Dedicated Hosting: Extreme power and up-time using custom-built servers
  • WordPress hosting: Special hosting for WordPress websites
  • WooCommerce hosting: Special hosting to run your online store powered by WooCommerce

If you’re looking for a reliable hosting platform, then you should highly consider using Bluehost.

I personally use them, love them and believe they’re the best hosting company in the world.

And they have tailored packages to suit your budget and host needs.

The best part is you can promote their products and services as an affiliate and make money from doing that.

Let’s take a look at the Bluehost affiliate program and what it offers.

About Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost Affiliate Program Home

Bluehost is one of the most popular and successful web hosting companies on the internet and this success also reflects on their affiliate program.

The Bluehost affiliate program is so successful that it had paid out over $5 million in commissions over the last year.

And they pay as high as from $60 to $130 per sale just like most web hosting affiliate programs out there.

Let’s take a look at the Bluehost affiliate program commission structure.

How Much Does Bluehost Affiliate Program Pay?

By default, Bluehost pays affiliates $65 per sale. But if you make more sales monthly, you can earn much more than that, up to $130 per sale.

Most authority bloggers and affiliate marketers earn that high like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income blog and Ryan Robinson.

So, you can earn more than $65 if you put in the effort.

Even close competitors in the web hosting space like the HostGator affiliate program and Siteground affiliate program both pay $50 per sale.

And this shows that Bluehost provides not only a superb web hosting service but a superb and high-paying web hosting affiliate program as well.

To be eligible to withdraw your earnings, you need to have earned at least $100 on your first payout which means you have to make two sales before you can cash out at first.

Subsequently, you can withdraw as low as even a single $65 commission after your first cash out.

Bluehost only pays affiliates via PayPal and the payment takes between 45-60 days to process. Affiliates usually get paid between the 16th and the last day of the month.

Plus, your payout is transaction fee-free. Bluehost takes care of the small charges when your earnings are paid to your PayPal account.

Pros & Cons of Bluehost Affiliate Program

Let’s take a look at the beauty and flaws of the web hosting affiliate program.


Bluehost pays affiliates from $65 to $130 in affiliate commissions for each qualified web hosting purchase.

You can earn as high as you want. There’s really no limit to how many customers you can refer to Bluehost. For instance, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income generated $27,650 in affiliate commissions from the Bluehost affiliate program in a month alone.

Bluehost has a solid reputation and offer low service cost for new customers which increases it’s conversion rate and makes the program easy to promote.

You won’t get charged when you receive payments via Paypal. Bluehost covers your PayPal transaction fee and you’ll earn the full $65.

Bluehost has a tiered commission structure where it rewards successful affiliates by increasing your overall payout. You could get your commissions bumped up from $65 to $130 per sale. Just talk to your affiliate manager and you’ll get the commission bump if you’re getting more sales.

The Bluehost affiliate program has a fantastic and dedicated affiliate support team that is ready to help you succeed 24/7 and solve whatever issue you’re having. 

The affiliate program has a low barrier to entry and has little restrictions on allowing new affiliates into the program. The application process is fast and straightforward.

When you sign up to be an affiliate, you’ll get access to promotional materials like banner ads which you can embed the  HTML code to your website.

Bluehost often gives you discounts and seasonal promotions and this makes it a lot easier to sell their products. 


Affiliate payments take between 45 and 60 days to process after the sale. And all sales process between the 16th and last day of the month.

On your first withdrawal, you MUST earn at least $100 (two sales essentially) before you can withdraw your earnings. After the first withdrawal, you may withdraw your earnings as you wish.

When any of your referrals downgrade their hosting plan, your referral will be deducted for your future earnings.

How To Join The Bluehost Affiliate Program

Ready to become a Bluehost affiliate and begin earning those FAT, consistent commissions when you recommend the web hosting company?

Like I said earlier, the Bluehost affiliate program is really EASY to join with tough restrictions.

I could boldly say that this is one of the easiest and smoothest affiliate programs application process I’ve gone through.

But the only thing is you have to have a website you’re running which you’ll use to apply.

Then, you can follow these steps below to join the Bluehost affiliate program.

Bluehost Affiliate Program Application Form

1. Visit the Bluehost official Affiliate Program page. You can go to this page by going to the official Bluehost website, click on the affiliate program link in the menu section or scroll down to the footer.

2. Once you click on the Bluehost affiliate page link, you’ll be taken to a page where you fill the required application form to sign up for the Bluehost Affiliate Program.

3. Next, on the application form, you’ll be required to enter your PayPal email address. Note that Bluehost pays affiliates only via PayPal and you can change this email anytime when you’ve been approved.

4. Accept the Bluehost Affiliate Program terms and conditions and then click submit. Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll have to wait for approval from Bluehost which doesn’t take a lot of time.

5. When you get approved, be sure to fill out your tax form which you can access in the Bluehost Affiliate Program dashboard. Failure to do this will not allow you to receive your affiliate earnings.

There are two types of tax forms available and you’ll need to fill any of them according to your location.

  • W-9 Form: For US Citizen or Business (Resident Alien, Corporation, etc.)
  • W-8BEN Form: For non-U.S. Persons

6. Ensure you read the Bluehost affiliate program terms & conditions and understand what the promotional practices Bluehost permits and the ones they frown at. 

This is necessary to avoid them banning your affiliate account when you go against their rules.

How To Promote Bluehost As An Affiliate?

Now that you’ve gotten approved as a Bluehost affiliate, here are proven ways you can use to promote Bluehost and earn steady commissions.

If you want a more robust guide on how you can promote Bluehost (and any other affiliate program) and succeed as an affiliate, check out my ultimate guide on how to make money with affiliate marketing and thank me later!

First, make sure you’ve grabbed your Bluehost affiliate link. 

This is what people would click on so the sale can be tracked and attached to you. You can find it when you log in to your Bluehost affiliate dashboard.

There are many ways to promote Bluehost as an affiliate and we’d look at some good ones here.

1. Create Bluehost Reviews & Guides on your Blog

If you have an affiliate blog, you’re in luck. You can use this strategy (and many others I’ll reveal to you in this section) to promote Bluehost.

Content marketing is at the core of this strategy. It’s all about writing super valuable Bluehost-related content with the aim of educating the reader and selling Bluehost to them.

Most buyers like to research before they buy any web hosting product or service so it’s your duty to provide content that answers their queries.

The content to be created has to guide readers to your website and convert them into customers. 

For instance, you can create a Bluehost Review and do a detailed run-down of all the products and services of the web hosting company.

You should also detail why you love (and why you dislike them) and conclude by recommending their services.

Remember, you’re competing with a lot of affiliates and even the company itself for customers. You should create a BONUS stack that compliments the product and offer to your readers to get them to sign up for Bluehost via your affiliate link.

Other topics you could create content for on your blog to promote Bluehost are:

  • Bluehost Affiliate Program Review 
  • Bluehost Pricing Review
  • How to Start a Blog with Bluehost
  • Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review 
  • Bluehost Alternatives
  • Bluehost Vs Siteground (or any other web hosting alternative) Review
  • Top ‘X’ Best Web Hosting Companies 

2. Promote Bluehost via your Tools & Resources Page on your Blog

Tools and resources page is usually one of the most important pages of a blog. 

It’s where your readers would learn about all the ESSENTIAL tools and resources that you find useful and that they can also use.

And you can turn this page into a source of income by promoting products as an affiliate on it

More importantly, you can recommend Bluehost as your preferred web hosting service on that page and place your affiliate link there to drive affiliate revenue.

You can also recommend other essential products and insert your affiliate links in place to monetize the page maximally.

Check out my affiliate resources page if you need more inspiration for creating yours.

One great thing about the Bluehost affiliate program is that they provide you with promotional materials such as banners for affiliate marketing.

These banners come in different sizes and you can place them in various sections of your blog with your affiliate link behind them to drive affiliate revenue.

Once you’re in your Bluehost affiliate dashboard, you can click on the banners link and you’ll see a host of images you can use.

You don’t need to download the images. Just copy the HTML code for your preferred image and place the code in the sidebar or footer widget of your blog.

Also, you can place it in the header section of your blog where it will be accessible to every reader to maximize your blog’s traffic.

4. Film Bluehost Reviews & WalkThroughs on YouTube 

If you have comfortable filming videos for YouTube or you’re a YouTube rockstar, then this part might be your favorite.

YouTube is a video content creation channel and the second biggest search engine in the world aside google.

The platform really converts well for affiliate marketers as it creates an avenue for you to connect properly with your audience and for your audience to relate on a more personal note as against other mediums.

And affiliate marketing is particularly hinged on TRUST. When your audience sees you relate to their pain points in your videos, it increases their trust level.

To promote Bluehost on YouTube, you have to create super engaging videos that relate to the pain points of your audience and recommend Bluehost as the best solution to the problem.

Publish your videos after recording and include your affiliate link in the video description.

You should inform your audience verbally in the video to click on the link to get started using Bluehost.

5. Promote Bluehost with Quora

This is a low-cost strategy that doesn’t involve upfront investment like setting up a blog or buying expensive YouTube equipment.

Quora is a site that allows users to ask questions and provide answers on any topic you can think of.

There are various topics that you can contribute to such as weight loss, marketing, self-help and web hosting.

This is a straightforward strategy.

Go to Quora and sign up for an account. It’s FREE to use.

Set up your account, put up a professional photo, craft a bio that sells yourself and add details about yourself as required.

Then, look for topics that relate to Bluehost and web hosting in general and provide valuable answers to questions relating to Bluehost or web hosting as asked by users.

Just use the search bar to search for questions relating to web hosting which you can answer and recommend Bluehost.

You can also follow topics such as ‘web hosting’, ‘starting a blog‘ or ‘WordPress’ and you’ll get questions tailored to these topics sent to you to answer.

Provide in-depth, valuable answers laced with images, quotes, and statistics to question and don’t forget to include your affiliate link (or a link to your Bluehost review) when you make the recommendation.

These are the kind of answers that go viral and get many upvotes on Quora.

By the way, you have to be careful with affiliate links on Quora. Sometimes they allow it and other times, they frown at it and will flag your answer as spam. That’s why I always prefer linking to my review posts on my blog instead of directly adding my affiliate link.

6. Run Ads to Promote Bluehost

This strategy is a cost-intensive one in promoting Bluehost but it provides fast results than organic strategies.

Running ads is a great way to bang in affiliate commissions with Bluehost if you have a hefty budget.

If you don’t have a budget for ads and can wait a little longer before getting results, I’ll suggest you stick with low-cost and free strategies.

PPC can work well for promoting Bluehost but I won’t recommend it to a newbie affiliate with LITTLE advertising experience.

You need to learn the ropes on how to run a PPC campaign and get a solid budget before you dive in.

However, Bluehost does not allow affiliates to bid on branded keywords, trademarked terms, or use the Bluehost name in ad copy or descriptions. You can’t link directly to Bluehost and you can’t mention the Bluehost name in the ad copy.

Plus, cost-per-click (CPC) is really high and competitive for the best keywords making it a risky pursuit.

Final Words on Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost offers a reliable hosting service and could also be another stream to passive income generation money for you, especially if you have a blog.

They have one of the most successful and BEST web hosting affiliate programs in the world. With consistency, hard work, time, and following the promotional strategies I listed above, you too can start earning extra income from your blog using the Bluehost affiliate program.

Apply and join the Bluehost affiliate program today, and be on your way to earning at least $65 (up to $130) per sale.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I’m glad you read this Bluehost Affiliate Program Review till the end and I hope you enjoyed it. Please, kindly note that this review may contain affiliate links and if you click on one of the links and sign up, I may get some compensation which I use to keep this site running and maybe buy some beer… lol. Also, I am an independent Bluehost Affiliate, not an employee. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of the Bluehost company.

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