Funnel Scripts Review [2021]: Can It Replace A Copywriter?

Writing Excellent Sales Copy is tedious.

It takes a lot of time and a great deal of skill.

Most times, you don’t know exactly what.

And even how to write.

How to address the pain points of your potential buyers, structure and present your offer.

You’re stuck between a blank screen, a blinking cursor and an encroaching deadline.

Worse still, you don’t have the budget to hire a skilled copywriter on the internet.

This doesn’t have to be you any longer.

There are softwares that can help you solve the issue of sales copy creation.

One of which is Funnel Scripts.


What is Funnel Scripts? – Funnel Scripts  Review

Funnel Scripts is a Copywriting Software that helps you create Sales Copy effortlessly.

The software was created by Russell Brunson (Founder of ClickFunnels) and his partner Jim Edwards.

Funnel Scripts readily helps you create a compelling sales copy that engages, compels and converts your audience.

If you suck at creating copy or you don’t have the budget to hire a skilled copywriter, Funnel Scripts is the perfect choice for you.

The software is the best copywriting software on the internet.

You can make use of Funnel Scripts even if you’re a complete newbie to copywriting. You don’t have to know a lot about copywriting before using the software.

Features – Funnel Scripts Review

Features - Funnel Scripts Review

Funnel Scripts is easy to use and the software is web-based. To use Funnel Scripts, you only need to login on the Funnel Scripts Website online instead of downloading software to your PC.

To create a sales copy, you’ll be required to fill a form and then click on submit and wait for the software to generate your sales copy.

In the form, you’ll need to enter some information about your offer which would allow the software create copy according to the information you enter in like your target audience, market, their needs, challenges, problems and your product or service solution.

There are about seven categories of scriptwriters in Funnel Scripts and several types under them.

Here are the various categories:

#1: Sales Copy & Video Scripts

This section is solely for writing sales copies for your campaigns. The goal of these scripts is to boost conversions or sales.

Examples of Sales Copy & Video Scripts are Amazon/Ecom Scripts, Call to Action Scripts, Lead Capture Scripts, Magic Bullet Scripts, Million Dollar Testimonial Scripts, Order Bump Scripts, Origin Story Scripts, OTO Need Help Done-For-You Scripts, OTO Next Thing Scripts, PPT Optin Video Scripts, Special Offer Scripts, Webinar Optin Scripts and Who What Why How Scripts.

#2: Bullet Scripts

If you want to make your bullet points more convincing and engaging to your audience, you need to use the bullets scripts.

Examples of Bullet Scripts are Brunson Bullet Scripts and FBM Bullet Scripts.

#3: Advertising

Third on the list of scripts available on funnel scripts is the Advertising scriptwriters. This is great for creating highly converting Ad copies.

Examples of Advertising Scriptwriters are Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts, Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts and Stealth Close Scripts.

#4: Content Creation

These script writers assist you to create copy you can use in promoting your content.

Examples of Content Creation Script are Free Report Scripts and Seinfeld Email Topic Idea Scripts.

#5: Email

The Email script writers help you craft engaging and high-converting promotional and follow-up emails.

Examples of Email Scripts are Auto Email Follow-Up Script, Fast Teaser and Tweet Scripts, Promote Your Webinar Scripts and Webinar Follow Up Scripts.

#6: Titles

Great for writing engaging and catchy titles and subject-lines.

Examples of Email Subject Line Scripts, Killer Headlines V2.0, Short Headline Scripts and Profitable Title Scripts.

#7: Sales Letter

This scriptwriter creates any type of sales letter whether long-form, short-form or video sales letter.

Examples of Long-Form Sales Letter Scripts, Short Sales Letter Script and PPT Video Sales Letter Script.

Pros – Funnel Scripts Review

-The software is fast and simple to use.

-Forms are easy to fill.

-You don’t have to be techy to use Funnel Scripts.

-Helps you write your sales copy effortlessly.

-Saves you time and money.

-Training videos available in case you’re confused.

-Scripts are Editable.

-There is live members training available every monthly.

Cons – Funnel Scripts Review

-Some scripts might need proofreading.

-No monthly payment plan.

Pricing – Funnel Scripts Review

Funnel Scripts comes at a one-time price of $497 per year.

Most copywriters charge as high as $1,000 per sales copy so if you’re having a feeling that Funnel Scripts is pricey, you should have a rethink.

Finding a sales copywriter is even more tedious and you’ll have to keep testing till you find the one who suits your needs.

Favorably, Funnel Scripts comes with a 30-day money back guarantee just in case you’re not contented with the value the software offers.

Conclusion – Funnel Script Review

If you’re finding it difficult to craft a perfect sales copy or you don’t have the high budget to hire expensive copywriters, then Funnel Scripts is the perfect go-to-tool for you.

Funnels Scripts is pretty easy to use and produces excellent, well-written sales copy that would attract and compel your audience to take your desired action and leave you smiling to the bank.

It’s a must-have tool for internet entrepreneurs, writers, coaches, business owners, freelancers, for online entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, business owners.

Remember, a copy would make or break your offer. Investing $497 a year into Funnel Scripts shouldn’t be a big deal if you truly desire excellent copy that saves you time and money.



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  1. Great tool by ClickFunnels, I must confess. I personally use it to produce copy for all my sales funnels and it converts like crazy.


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