Grammarly Affiliate Program Review (2019): Earn $25 FREE Sign Up Bonus

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You’ve heard and used the online grammar checker a lot.

But do you know you can make money by promoting Grammarly?

And you can earn commissions without your referrals paying for the premium package.

I’ll let you know all you need to know in this Grammarly Affiliate Program Review.

Before we dive in, let’s take a brief look at Grammarly and what it offers.

What is Grammarly?

Even as a professional wordsmith, errors still creep into your writing.

That’s a no-brainer!

Everyone is subject to committing silly, high-level grammar mistakes while writing.

It’s a sigh of relief to have a grammar checker tool to fall back on.

And this leads us to Grammarly – one of the foremost grammar checker tools on the internet.

In fact, they advertise themselves as the world’s most accurate grammar checker.

But what really is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online grammar checking, punctuation checking, spell checking and plagiarism detection tool.

The tool was developed by two Ukrainians (Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn) back in July 2009.

And it checks your writing against over 400 grammar rules. Grammarly suggests real-time changes to grammar and spelling errors while you’re writing.

Whether you’re a writer, student, blogger or educator, Grammarly will help you to improve your writing and proofreading.

Here’s how it works.

  • You copy and paste your text into the Online tool.
  • Potential grammar mistakes and errors are highlighted with a red underline.
  • When individual errors are clicked, a small box explaining the type of error pops up.
  • You can then decide to correct the error with one click if the correction makes sense or not.

If you’ll love to find out more about how Grammarly can help your business, check out my Grammarly Review here.

About Grammarly Affiliate Program

Grammarly Affiliate Program is one of the best CPA (cost per action) based affiliate programs on the internet.

You earn commissions for free sign ups and when your referrals upgrade to premium as well.

The affiliate program is a good fit for bloggers and freelance writers who are looking for ways to add an extra income source.

Grammarly Affiliate Commission Structure

Here’s what you get paid for promoting Grammarly:

1. $25 Activation Bonus

As soon as you get approved into the Grammarly Affiliate Program, you’re welcomed with a $25 bonus.

You only have to add the Grammarly banner to your blog sidebar to claim the bonus.

Impressive right?

Not many affiliate programs out there do this.

2. $0.20 per Sign Up

If anyone signs up for Grammarly using your affiliate link, you’ll earn $0.20 per sign up.

3. $20 for Premium Upgrade

And for everyone that upgrades to Grammarly premium using your link, you’ll earn $20.

4. 10% of Referred Affiliate

You can also make money referring people to the Grammarly Affiliate Program.

For anyone that signs up as a Grammarly Affiliate with your link, you’ll earn 10% of all the referral commissions they make for life.

5. Bonus Commissions

There’s another peculiar bonus commission in the Grammarly Affiliate Program. You earn bonus commissions as you become a top-performing affiliate.

You’ll earn an additional $200 bonus when you hit $2000 in a month. Earn $400 bonus when you hit $4000, $800 bonus when you hit $8000 and so on.

Side Note: Grammarly Affiliate Program has a 90-day cookie period. This means anyone who signs up would be stuck to you within 90-days. If the person decides to upgrade within 90 days of signing you, you’ll get your due commission.

Grammarly Payout Structure

Grammarly pays via check or bank transfer.

When signing up, you’d have to input your payment information for receiving commissions.

This information would include your bank details if you prefer a bank transfer and mailing address if you want a check.

Grammarly pays affiliates on the 20th – 21st of every month.

The minimum payout is $50.

If you have earned $50 and above, you’re eligible to get paid.

How to Join the Grammarly Affiliate Program?

To join the Grammarly Affiliate Program, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Grammarly Affiliate Program Sign Up Page.

2. Select a desired username and password and fill it in the input space provided.

3. Add details about your website and payment information.

4. Complete the signup process and wait for your application to be approved. It would take 1 – 2 business days for this process to come to completion.

How to Get $25 Activation Bonus from Grammarly?

After you’re approved as a Grammarly Affiliate, log in to your Affiliate Dashboard with your username and password.

Download any one of the tons of ready-made creative to place on your blog so you can claim your $25 activation bonus.

Reply back to the welcome back email for getting your $25 activation bonus.

How to Promote Grammarly and Make Money as an Affiliate?

Want to make money as a Grammarly Affiliate?

Here are a few strategies you can try. Don’t spread your efforts trying to do all. Just pick one strategy that resonates with you.

And go all in.

If you have an active blog, you’re in luck.


Grammarly affiliate program is a great fit for bloggers. There are many ways to leverage a blog in promoting the tool.

First, you can write an honest, detailed Grammarly review. Truly there are plenty of reviews on the internet but most of them are simply rehashed thoughts.

Your review would stand out when you write from your personal experience with the tool. Plus you discuss the features of Grammarly and educate your users on how well the tool can work for them.

Secondly, you can write tutorials on how to use Grammarly in different scenarios. For instance, “How to Detect Plagiarism in Your Content with Grammarly” and “How to Use Grammarly on Your iPhone 7” are two potential how to tutorial blog posts, on how to use Grammarly.

List posts are a great way to inform your blog audience on tools that would solve their problems. Plus you’re able to scoop way more affiliate commission from even other tools, asides your focus tool (Grammarly).

To promote Grammarly, you can write a list post on essential content creation tools for writers, essential tools for bloggers, top 10 plagiarism checkers on the internet and many more.

You can place a banner promoting Grammarly on the sidebar or even the end of your content.

Grammarly would provide you this creative inside your affiliate dashboard. Pick the one that suits your blog and place it where desired on your blog.

Your affiliate link would be linked to the image so you end up getting your commissions when anyone clicks the image to sign up


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