Kartra Affiliate Program Review [2021]

What is Kartra?

Kartra is an all-in complete marketing platform that gives you a variety of tools to build and run your online business.

You get a wide range of tools to build sales funnels, launch done-for-you campaigns, run automated email campaigns, run webinars, manage affiliates, and do much more with ease.

It is built for entrepreneurs and online business owners who want an all-in-one platform to run a profitable business. With Kartra, you don’t need to duct-tape several tools to run your business.

About Kartra Affiliate Program

Kartra Affiliate Program

Kartra is a truly amazing product! And the same can be said about the Kartra affiliate program. They give you a chance to make money with affiliate marketing by paying you a 40% affiliate recurring commissions when you refer customers to use the product.

Any affiliate marketer, blogger, and online entrepreneur can join the Kartra affiliate program to promote the great product that every online business needs.

How Much Does Kartra Affiliate Program Pay?

The Kartra Program pays affiliates 40% affiliate recurring commissions for the lifetime of every customer you bring in as long as they stick to Kartra.

And if your customers upgrade their Kartra plan any time, your affiliate commissions will be updated instantly.

Also, you can earn when you sign up as a 2nd tier JV Partner, refer a network of affiliates, and earn 10% commissions for the life of every recurring payment generated by your affiliates.

Starter99 (948)39.60 (379.2)
Silver199 (1,788)79.6 (715.2)
Gold299 (2,748)119.6 (1,099.2)
Platinum499 (4,548)199.6 (1819.2)

How To Become A Kartra Affiliate?

Becoming a Kartra affiliate is really easy. You do not need to have an active Kartra paid account, which means the Kartra affiliate program is completely FREE to join and make money from.

As with other platforms, it is advised to sign up for a Kartra account, test out the platform, and understand it before you set out promoting so you can get the best results.

To sign up as a Kartra affiliate, go to the Kartra affiliate page and register as an affiliate (whether or not you already have a Kartra account).

You will wait for a while for the Kartra admin to approve your account and sign you on.

Once you are signed up as an affiliate, you can view your affiliate link in the affiliate dashboard and copy it and add it to your content.

However, if you sign up for Kartra’s 14-day free trial and apply to join the affiliate program, your affiliate account will be approved immediately without needing to wait for any further review.

Kartra Affiliate Program Payment Mode

When you get new customers to Kartra, they can get up to 30days for a $1 trial to use the platform and then have a 30days refund period.

It is only after this 60-day period you can get paid as a Kartra affiliate. After then, you can get paid with a fixed schedule on a monthly recurring basis. Genesis Digital, the company behind Kartra pays affiliates via Paypal only.

Final Words

The Kartra affiliate program is one of the best recurring affiliate programs in the online marketing space. And the platform is amazing and will get most customers sticking to it month after month for the long term.

You can not only earn by bringing in potential customers to use Kartra but you also get paid when you bring in affiliates.

And whenever your customer upgrades to higher Kartra plans, your commissions are also updated.

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