As an affiliate marketer, there are some legal documents you need to have on your website.

If not, you’re at a risk of losing everything and your website could get shut down for violating an operational code from a single complaint from an unsatisfied visitor.

Here are six legal documents you MUST HAVE on your website to protect yourself and how you can create them easily on the internet.

#1. Privacy Policy

This document shows how you’re collecting and using your visitors information.

If you’re going to be collecting email leads from visitors on your website, then you definitely need a Privacy Policy Page.

You need to indicate in clear terms on this page that you will not use your visitors information for any other purposes other than sending them the useful content they signed up to be receiving.

You’ll also state that you will not share their personal information to a third party.

Doing this like I have done here, you will avoid issues from agencies like the Federal Trade Commission.

#2. Terms of Use & Disclaimer

This document contains limitation of liability, use of site and licenses and it protects you from instances where your website visitors have to post their views on your website.

It clearly state that the views of your website visitors are their thoughts singularly and not the thoughts of the site owner.

#3. Affiliate Agreement

This agreement form is required if you’re having an affiliate program on your website.

You use it to set the terms and conditions that must be strictly adhered to by affiliates while promoting your products.

Usually, affiliates are needed to sign this affiliate agreement before they can sign up to your affiliate program.

If they happen to disregard the affiliate agreement and disobey the regulations thereafter, you have the right to hold their commissions and cancel their affiliate membership.

#4. No-Spam Agreement

This document clearly states your anti-spam policy and that you will not send unsolicited emails to anyone or promote anything on a platform where such isn’t allowed.

#5. Copyright Notice

This legal document deals with your website content; text, images and other forms of media.

The copyright notice tells your website visitor how to use your content and that if anyone wants to use your content on another platform, he is required to seek permission from you before doing so.

#6. Affiliate/Earnings Disclaimer

If you’re selling products on your website as an affiliate, then you need to have the affiliate/earnings disclaimer document up on your website.

This agreement tells your visitor that your website contains affiliate links and if they should make a purchase of any product you recommended or linked to, then you’ll get a little commission at no extra cost to them.

Having this affiliate agreement protects you from having your website shutdown by Federal Trade Commission. Here is mine in case you want to take a look!


In conclusion, you need to make sure you adhere to strict legal polices and have this six legal documents in place before kick starting your online business.

Doing this protects you from any danger or risk that may pose in the future.

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