Network Marketing Secrets Review: Grow Your MLM Team

Tired of using archaic and traditional MLM strategies that don’t WORK? This Network Marketing Secrets book reveals modern strategies to grow your MLM team fast.

Do you want to scale your MLM team as fast as possible?

Are you tired of using traditional network marketing strategies without seeing any SIGNIFICANT results?

You need a way out to scale your MLM business online. Well, you could be in LUCK.

This book contains modern strategies on how you can use sales funnels to grow your MLM team.

In this in-depth network marketing secrets review, I will take you inside Russell Brunson’s new book so you can make an informed whether the book is a GOOD fit for you or not.

What is Network Marketing Secrets?

Network Marketing Secrets is a book containing expert advice on how to leverage the power of converting sales funnels to grow your MLM team.

It basically teaches you modern MLM strategies.

Gone are the days where you have to write out a long list of friends and family, invite them for home parties and bug them till they join your network marketing team.

Many people are now skeptical about MLM so those Traditional network marketing strategies don’t cut it anymore.

With the strategies covered in the network marketing secrets book, you’ll only have to talk to people who are super interested in what you’re selling that they would literally beg you to sign them up.

I’m pretty sure that’s what every network marketer (including you) desires. Dealing with only prospects who are SUPER INTERESTED in your MLM opportunity?

That’s right. 

Before we explore the inside of the book and see exactly what the book offers, let’s take a look at the author and why you should listen to him.

Who Wrote Network Marketing Secrets?

Russell Brunson Image

Russell Brunson shouldn’t be a new face to you, especially if you’re a ClickFunnels user. He’s been around for long and quite popular in the internet marketing world and has done so well with his sales funnel software company as the CEO and Co-founder.

He is the author of network marketing secrets which is his third book. He is also the brain behind popular marketing books such as Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets.

Russell had his entry into online marketing back in college several years ago when he successfully sold DVD that taught people how to make potato guns. 

His potato gun business yielded a lot and unveiled the potential of the internet in marketing and growing businesses.

Today, Russell is worth about $37 million and his software company, ClickFunnels, has grown into a $500 million venture.

The ClickFunnels boss is well-known as a sales funnel and internet marketing expert but many would be shocked to hear he has dabbled in network marketing in the past.

He has an age-long involvement with MLM.

If he doesn’t, you ultimately have no business buying this book since it is essential to learn from someone with hands-on experience.

What did Russell Brunson do in MLM?

He worked with several network marketing companies and rose in rank to a top distributor.

And heck, he even won a FERRARI as a gift car while working with a network marketing company after helping them generate over $1.5 million in leads.

It’s from this hands-on experience coupled with his SOLID knowledge of internet marketing that birthed the network marketing secrets book.

Russell has dumped all the info you need to be successful with your MLM business into the book. Here’s a video from him on how to use sales funnels to WORK for network marketing.

So, I want YOU to listen to him and take his advice seriously. Let’s take a look at what the book offers.

What’s Inside Network Marketing Secrets?

In the book, Russell shares how you can harness the power of sales funnels to grow your MLM business. 

Before we dive in, let me clear your doubts and make certain, your expectations on what the network marketing secrets book is NOT.

It is not just another ‘how-to’ book on internet marketing, not about growing your MLM contact base or turning your leads into promoters on your team.

The book is a compendium of secrets that allow you to get more super-interested leads and share your business opportunity with them easily.

There are three parts in the book. The first part sees Russell highlighting the biggest challenges that most network marketers encounter.

I’m pretty sure you must have faced some of them while building your business.

MLM Challenges 


As a network marketer, your number duty is TO RECRUIT DOWNLINES. If you don’t get leads consistently, your business dies a slow, cold death.

The way recruitment is done in offline, traditional MLM is to:

  • Prepare a list of your friends and family
  • Reach out to them with your MLM opportunity 
  • Organize several home parties and hotel meetings
  • Bug each member of your list they agree to join your team

Doing this would only help you lose friends faster. And you’ll end up in the NFL (no friends left) zone. That actually SUCKS.

You’ll be turned down repeatedly which could cause a big loss of motivation and make you quit your business. This makes recruitment a big challenge for network marketers.

Uninteresting Products 

Do you know that many MLM companies sell pretty similar and uninteresting products?

That’s a fact. And this leaves you in a deep blue sea with LOTS of other competitors.

How can you stand out from the crowd and build a formidable team? That’s another big challenge network marketers face.

Driving Traffic In MLM

To build your team in MLM, you have to drive traffic to the website of your network marketing company.

But the challenge here is getting the traffic to convert. The websites of most MLM companies is too complicated and hard to navigate through.

They would leave your prospects confused, chase them away and your ad budget wasted.

This is yet another BIG challenge!

Now that we’ve seen the challenges, how do we solve them?

The Lost Funnels 

Russell proffers a solution to these challenges with three funnels that help you recreate traditional MLM strategies in a digital setting. He tagged them ‘The Lost Funnels’. Let’s take a look.

Lost Funnel 1 – The Bridge Funnel (The Three-Way Call)

Bridge Funnel - The Lost Funnel

The ‘bridge funnel’ is the first of the lost funnels and can be referred to as the digital version of the traditional three-way call.

When you’re new to network marketing, you don’t know much about the products and organization. In trying to get prospects to become downlines and join your team, you’ll need some credibility of the MLM organization. 

You need to bring in someone who’s gone ahead of you (ideally, your upline) in the MLM company to introduce the product to your prospects and tell their unique story.

This setting is known as a three-way call. The bridge funnel takes this setting online. You can easily use videos and formats in your funnel of your to provide credibility.

So no need to get someone who’s more successful to speak to your prospects or go through any tedious process again.

To use the bridge funnel or any of the lost funnels, you’ll need to have a ClickFunnels account so you can import them into your account easily.

Don’t have a ClickFunnels account yet? Sign up here and get two weeks FREE before you get billed. You can also check out my ClickFunnels review if you need some more convincing. 

Lost Funnel 2 – The Home/House Party Funnel (Coffee Shop Gathering Funnel)

Home/House Party - The Lost Funnel

The home/house party funnel is the second lost funnel. It happens when you invite your prospects to your home, introduce them to the MLM products and convince hem to join your network marketing team.

The home/house party funnel helps you take this strategy online, recreating a digital version of the whole setting. 

With this funnel, you’ll get to bond better web your prospects and they would trust you more and buy from you.

Lost Funnel 3 – The Hotel Meeting

The Hotel Meeting Funnel - The Lost Funnels

The last piece of the lost funnels is the hotel meeting funnel.

Hotel meetings are usually done in traditional MLM to foster relationships with your team members. You would basically have a meeting at a hotel with all your team members in attendance.

The hotel meeting funnel would help you save money, time and eliminate the process of having a physical hotel meeting.

The meeting can also be duplicated and used by your downlines in recruiting and this makes the process easier and faster for them. 

The Viral Loop

The last part of the network marketing secrets book is the viral loop.

The viral loop is a selling process you must follow in a sales funnel to sell your products successfully. This part is useful to not just network marketers but anyone that sells anything online.

There are four main components of the viral loop which are:

  • Epiphany Bridge (How to Sell without Selling)
  • Demo (Show them a Live Product Demo)
  • Call to Action (How to Close the Sale)
  • Duplication (Rinse and Repeat)

How Much Is Network Marketing Secrets Book?

In his usual fashion, Russell Brunson is offering the network marketing secrets to you FREE of charge (just as in DotCom Secrets & Expert Secrets).

But you only have to cover the printing and shipping costs ($7.95 US or $16.04 international) to get the hard-cover book to your location.

Want to get more copies?

There’s an option to pay for the book in bulk and get a massive discount. 

When you buy multiple copies of the book, you can give it to your team members and even prospects as incentives and bonuses or gifts.

If you want multiple copies, you can buy:

  • 10 Copies of the Network Marketing Secrets Book for just $100
  • 25 Copies for $250
  • 50 Copies for $500

Network Marketing Secrets Upsells

There are several order bumps and upsell offers you’ll come across in the network marketing secrets funnel. 

These offers are not compulsory but would do no harm to buy alongside the book. They are there to help you get the most out of the book. Let’s see what’s you’re offered now, shall we?

Order Bump: The Funnel Hacker Black Box ($37)

The Funnel Hacker Black Box is a collection of Russell’s amazing marketing books (DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets) as well as some other VALUABLE gifts that will help you with your internet marketing business.

Here’s a rundown of what is contained in the funnel hacker black box:

  • DotCom Secrets Book
  • Expert Secrets Book
  • The Secret Sketches of Russell Brunson
  • Action pics Secrets Booklet
  • “Fill Your Funnels” Secrets
  • Clickfunnels Secrets Booklet
  • “I Build Funnels” Sticker
  • Funnel Hacker Manifesto
  • “I am a Funnel Hacker” Sticker
  • Free Ticket to the Russell Brunson Webinar
  • Funnel Scripts Ticket
  • Funnel Consulting Ticket
  • A Quick Start Guide 

For $37 (along with a $9.95 shipping fee), you’ll get all the goodies listed above shipped to your location.

Upsell #1: The One Funnel Away Challenge ($100)

The One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) is the most popular training course in the ClickFunnels ecosystem right now. It is a training course that guides you into launching your first or next funnel in 30 days.

You’ll get daily training, live coaching and accountability for 30 days and the course is taught by the trio of Russell Brunson, Steve Larsen and Julie Stoian.

For anyone struggling with building successful funnels for your business, this training is your messiah and way out. The training goes for $100 and you have a chance to opt for a digital version for only $47.

Upsell #2: Traffic Secrets ($297)

Next, you’ll find an upsell for an important ingredient when building your network marketing business.


You can buy Traffic Secrets as an upsell to the network marketing secrets book for $297.

Traffic Secrets is all about teaching you how to drive traffic from all the sources on the internet. It’s really in-depth and was taught by one of the best.

Network Marketing Secrets Affiliate Program

The book is also part of the ClickFunnels affiliate program and is available to promote.

How much do you earn for promoting network marketing secrets as an affiliate?

Here’s a breakdown of the various commissions you are able to earn when you promote the network marketing secrets book and it’s other upsells:

Network Marketing Secrets Affiliate Commission Breakdown
  • Network Marketing Secrets (FREE): earn $1.00
  • The Black Box ($37): earnings $14.80
  • One Funnel Away Challenge ($100): earn $40
  • Traffic Secrets ($297): earn $118.80

What Do I Love About The Book?

  • Learn the secrets on how to use sales funnels to grow your network marketing team
  • The Strategies taught are easy to follow without stress
  • The book is FREE of charge with no catch or strings attached (just pay $7.95 US or $16.04 international for shipping)
  • Contains some valuable strategies (like the viral loop) applicable to other businesses outside network marketing
  • Support is fantastic and customer friendly

What I Don’t Like About The Book?

  • The book would take a long while to reach your location, maybe 2 to 3 weeks at least
  • There are more expensive order bumps and upsells at the backend

Final Thoughts


Should you get the network marketing secrets?

Yes, I highly recommend it for anyone (beginner or veteran) looking to get ahead in the MLM industry.

Firstly, it contains modern strategies that WORK and you most likely haven’t seen them elsewhere. Traditional MLM strategies like having hotel meetings and three-way calls are outdated and don’t push the needle. The strategies discussed would help you solve your network marketing challenges.

Secondly, it’s FREE (well, except for the shipping fee of  $7.95 for US or $16.04 for international). Oh, and there’s no CATCH, no HIDDEN FEES or GIMMICKS!

After reading how his book you’ll bid farewell to traditional MLM and get started growing your business with sales funnels. If you’re a network marketer, this book is a MUST-READ and I can’t recommend it enough.

Grab your copy TODAY, implement the funnels and let me know once your MLM business starts going all the way up.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I’m glad you read this Network Marketing Secrets Book Review till the end and I hope you enjoyed it. Please note that this review may contain affiliate links to the network marketing secrets book. If you click one of the links and sign up, I may get some compensation which I use to keep the site active and buy some beer.. lol. Also, I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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