SiteGround Affiliate Program Review [2021]

SiteGround Affiliate Program Summary

Name: SiteGround
Category: Web Hosting
Commissions: $50 (up to $125)

Cookie: –
Payment: Paypal

What is SiteGround?


SiteGround is a web hosting company founded by Ivo Tsenor on the 22nd of March, 2004 with their headquarters located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

They provide mainly website hosting services such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, and enterprise hosting solutions. you also get email hosting and domain registration as well.

Recent data shows that SiteGround is currently serving more than 2,000,000 domains worldwide. The company also employed over 500 people in 2019 and offers amazing features like good uptime, redesigned user access with control panel, site tools, etc.

About SiteGround Affiliate Program


You can earn affiliate commissions when you participate in the SiteGround Affiliate program and refer potential customers to use the web hosting service.

As a SiteGround affiliate, you’ll be given banner ads, and affiliate links containing your special tracking ID so you’ll get paid when any potential customer that clicks on your affiliate link buys a service at SiteGround. All affiliate commissions earned from sales will be paid out to you after 30 days.

SiteGround also has a referral program that rewards you with free hosting for the referrals you make. By participating in the SiteGround referral program, you get to win three months of free hosting added to your plan when someone signs up through your link.

SiteGround offers site-wide promotions with various types of discounts that you are free to promote on your website. The banners are kept up to date in the affiliate area so you are required to use them to promote recent offers.

How Much Does SiteGround Pay?

SiteGround pays $50 per each referred customer you successfully bring in and you could earn more, up to $125 if you referred 21 or more customers. The more customers you refer to as a SiteGround affiliate, the higher you earn.

Here’s a table showing how much you can earn when you join the SiteGround affiliate program.

1 – 5 $50
6 – 10$75
11 – 20$100

SiteGround Affiliate Payment Mode

SiteGround offers you high affiliate commissions with weekly payouts and they hold it for a short period.

They only have a short withholding period of 30 days. To receive your earned affiliate commissions, you’ll need a valid PayPal account.

As a SiteGround affiliate, there are no minimum payout thresholds and the more you refer, the higher the commission per sale.

SiteGround Affiliate Program Support

SiteGround provides support for affiliates in the form of promotional tools and materials so you can promote their products and services effectively.

They have a quite number of promotional materials which include:

Affiliate Banners & Logos

SiteGround provides colorful banners that do a great job in drawing the attention of site visitors and supporting your main promotional content when you put them across multiple pages on your website.

You also get custom affiliate campaign links that help you track the performance of your affiliate marketing efforts so you can know what’s working and make more sales in the long run. With custom campaign links, you can create links to specific landing pages and banners and run personalized affiliate campaigns.


SiteGround makes use of cookies to track and record sales made through campaign links. The tracking cookie is available for 60 days and is awarded on a last-click basis. Note that if a referral clicks on your campaign link but clears their cookie afterward, you won’t be credited for the sale.


You can monitor sales activity and your earned affiliate commissions by checking the SiteGround affiliate dashboard. Log to your account, go to the Reporting section and you’ll be able to track the status of your sales and see when they were generated till when they are approved for payment by the SiteGround team.

You’ll also see the exact amount of your affiliate commission and receive additional information about your sales. From the payout details tab, you will be able to keep track of payment to your PayPal account.

How To Become A SiteGround Affiliate?

Joining the SiteGround affiliate program and becoming a SiteGround affiliate is easy. You only need to follow the steps below:

If you are not a SiteGround customer:

You have to go to the SiteGround affiliate program page which a click away from the homepage of the SiteGround site and click join now to get the affiliate registration form.

While registering, you’ll have to provide your contact information, payout information, and other profile information to complete the sign-up process.

If you are already a SiteGround customer:

If you are already a SiteGround customer, you can join easily through the affiliate registration form available in your client area.

When you register, your affiliate account will be connected with your client area and you will be able to use your credentials to access both dashboards.

Note: You are required to provide correct information during the sign-up process as this is very crucial for affiliate application approval. Normally, an application gets approved immediately but the review process may take up to 2 business days.

Final Words

The SiteGround affiliate program is one of the best web hosting affiliate programs online.

Here are some of the benefits you gain as a SiteGround affiliate:

  • Favorable, high conversion rate
  • 30 days withhold period
  • High affiliate commission rates (from $50 – $125 per referral made)
  • The more customers you refer, the higher the commission you earn
  • Affiliate commissions are paid weekly
  • No minimum threshold monthly sales required

The SiteGround affiliate program is great for both new and experienced website owners and affiliate marketers to make money with their websites.

Let me know what you think about this opportunity in the comment section below.

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