6 Tips to Spot An Affiliate Marketing Scam


Affiliate marketing is a cool means to make money online considering the low entry risk and start up costs.

You don’t pay anything to join the system and the risk is minimal.

There are lots of awesome affiliate programs on the internet and there are affiliate marketing scams as well.

You need to proceed with caution while picking affiliate programs.

We live in an age of internet scams and fraud and the affiliate marketing industry is not immune to this.

A lot of people loose money owing to this these affiliate marketing scams.

In this article, I’ll share with you six foolproof tips which you should use when looking for legitimate affiliate programs.

#1. Check Their Official Website

The first thing you should look our for in an affiliate program is their official website.

A legitimate affiliate program will always have a professional, well-built website in place and their website will be filled with high quality content.

Navigate through the website and make sure it functions properly with no broken links.

If the affiliate program has a poorly functional website or none at all, then its a clear red signal to move away.

#2. Do They Have Affiliate Support?

Every legitimate affiliate program must give support to its affiliates.

Most of them have someone or a team in charge of handling affiliates’ queries and settling issues.

If they have a live chat, e-mail supoort line or telephone line for support, then you can sign up with them.

#3. Anyone Singing Their Praises?

You’ve checked and they have an elegant website and excellent affiliate support team in place.

What about testimonies of previous affiliates?

Most legitimate affiliate programs put testimonials up on their websites yeah, but this could be faked.

Take a step further and ask the company for contact details of previous affiliates like name, email address and phone number and contact them.

Satisfy your curiosity by asking them all you want to know about the affiliate program and how the program worked for them.

If they provide good information about the program, then it’s a good one and you should sign up.

#4. Search For Them on Google

I use this hack personally to investigate any affiliate program.

Let’s say you want to sign up to “ABC Affiliate Program”.

Just go on to google and type the name of the affiliate program along with the words “scam”, “review” or “fraud” next to it.

So for our above example, you should search for words like “ABC affiliate program scam”, “ABC affiliate program review” or ABC affiliate program fraud”.

If the program is a scam, you’ll see stories and reviews of victims in the search results.

If you read a lot of negative reviews about the program, then it’s a RED signal to stay away.

Didn’t see ANY information about the program after searching?

RED signal, stay away too!

Credible and legitimate affiliate programs always have some sort of track record visible on the search engine.

#5. How Old is the Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program with many years down the line is most likely credible.

Affiliate marketing scams is common within new entrants into the market.

You should not be lured by their big, hefty commissions.

If they are what they claim they are, they would be around for a long period.

Just keep watching their online activities and see testimonies of affiliates before making a decision to join them.

#6. Percentage of Commissions Offered

Anything that sounds too good to be true is most times not true especially on the internet.

Affiliate programs that offer you ridiculously high percentages of commissions should be susceptible.

Make sure you do a ruthless check on them to see if they actually live up to their promise of paying such hefty commissons.

Check to see if they have satisfied affiliates previously and contact them (the previous affiliates) to see if they can back up this claim.


In conclusion, affiliate marketing is a low cost method of marketing a product to a large audience from the angle of a product creator.

Lot of product creators turn this venture into scam by ripping off all affiliate marketing benefits and not giving affiliate marketers due rewards.

Be careful when searching for affiliate programs.

Make sure you use all the six tips I listed above while investigating so you won’t become the next affiliate marketing scam victim.

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