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WhoGoHost Review

About WhoGoHost – WhoGoHost Review

WhoGoHost is one of the leading web hosting providers in Nigeria. You’ll find out more in this WhoGoHost Review. They have a robust range of web services from website hosting to domain registration at affordable prices packaged with an efficient support team and a seamless payment process. 

Their track record has been wonderful powering so many big Nigerian brands like GTBank, OAU. They offer even more variety of services like some global hosting companies like NameCheap, BlueHost, and GoDaddy.

Enough of the hype already, let’s get down to why I choose WhoGoHost as a leading and Best Nigerian Hosting Provider for your website.

History and Services of WhoGoHost – WhoGoHost Review

Initially Founded in 2007 by Opeyemi Awoyemi under Ennovate Nigeria Limited, WhoGoHost is a web solutions company providing top-notch web hosting services to clients within and outside Nigeria.

The company was independently incorporated under CAC as WhoGoHost Limited in 2011.

WhoGoHost is an accredited Google Apps Reseller, NG Registrar, Cloudflare Certified Partner as well as an InterSwitch Partner for payment integration solutions.

Focused on delivering efficient customer support, WhoGoHost prides itself on delivering quality assistance and delivering a seamless approach to helping every customer through phone, calls, chats, emails and support tickets.

With over 60,000 hosting accounts on their servers, WhoGoHost is currently one of the top three web Hosting companies in Nigeria.

WhoGoHost Services – WhoGoHost Review

Services - WhoGoHost ReviewWhoGoHost provides a robust range of web hosting services.

#1: Domain Registration
WhoGoHost offers domain registration services:  

Domain Registration

Domain Transfer

.NG domain Registration


Country code TLDs

Domain Reseller, and

WHOIS Search

#2: Hosting
WhoGoHost offers a wide range of hosting services and packages. They include:

Shared Hosting

Reseller hosting

Hosting in Nigeria

Cloud Hosting

Virtual Seller

G-Suite services

#3: Website Design

While WhoGoHost is not a core Web design company, in essence, they also offer website design services, complete reseller package, and Interswitch Solutions if you want to be able to accept payment on your website.

#4: Security
WhoGoHost offers the following Website Security Services:

SSL Certificates

Sitelock Scanner

Codeguard Backup

#5: Support

WhoGoHost has an impressive customer support team. One of the reasons why I enjoy using their hosting service.

Their support team is available to respond to your queries 24/7. They also have self-help support information (knowledge base and video tutorials) which you can utilize in solving any encountered issues and keep your website up and running.

Pros – WhoGoHost Review

Here are the reasons why I think WhoGoHost is the best Nigerian Hosting Provider.

#1: Reliability, Credibility & Competence

WhoGoHost is licensed by NIRA as a .NG Domain Registrar. NIRA is the government body that governs the sale of domain names in Nigeria.

Being a licensed web hosting company by NIRA for .NG domain registrations is the proof and seal of credibility that your business website is Nigerian truly. Also, it is great for ranking high in the local search engine research pages (SERP).

#2: Robust Domain Extensions

WhoGoHost provides you with a wide array of top domain extensions to choose from in domain registration. Amongst this TLD extensions include .com, .com.ng, .net, .ng, .org, .uk and lots more.

#3: Affordable Prices & Multi-Payment Options

WhoGoHost aims to provide your online business space so they’ve made the rates cheaper so a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners can benefit from this.

Here are the price ranges for shared hosting options:

Plans - WhoGoHost Review

Also, they have a wide range of payment options for everyone. Payment options ranges from Cash Deposits, International Card Payments (MasterCard, Verve, Visa Payments), CashEnvoy, Pocket Mini, QuickTeller and Amplify Pay. They also accept wire transfer via USD and EURO payment routing options for international payments.


#4: Variety of Hosting Packages

WhoGoHost provides you with a wide range of hosting plans for virtually everyone. This is an awesome feature for anyone who needs an online web presence at cheap pricing. Take a look at their hosting packages and pricing below.


#5: Awesome Customer Support

Asides providing their users with quality and top-notch web services, WhoGoHost also boasts of an impressive Customer Support Team. They respond to clients inquiries via Phone calls, Chats, Support tickets, and emails. They are also available on social media platforms for easy accessibility. Their physical office is located at Lagos and is always open to receive physical complaints.

#6: Social Proof

WhoGoHost powers the website of a lot of major Nigerian brands and businesses like GTBank, Obafemi Awolowo University, Jumia NG, Ekiti State Government, Jobberman and many more. Personally, I was really impressed and fascinated that they host GTBank’s website. Any hosting company that is capable of hosting a very sophisticated financial institution’s website like GTBank can be 100% trusted.


Cons – WhoGoHost Review

#1: Less Uptime and Server Downtime

Websites hosted on the WhoGoHost platform still experience some downtime. Customers using the host company have complained many times about their website been unavailable.

This downtime period usually ranges from 10 minutes to 24 hours depending on the error that occurred. The downtime usually happens at night.

#2: Loss of Web Data

Some WhoGoHost customers have complained about the loss of their web documents and content while using the Web Hosting company for their website but I haven’t experienced such personally.


Pricing – WhoGoHost Review


WhoGoHost offers a wide range of hosting packages with various prices to cater for the majority of people interested in taking their business online.

The starter hosting packages which is called Aspire costs 4,000 Naira per year and 400 Naira monthly. The Aspire package plan offers 2GB Web storage and 10GB bandwidth which is great for any basic website with low traffic. All Hosting packages come with a free .com.ng domain.

The pricing of the other hosting packages which are Premium, Pro, Pro Plus and Giant are shown below.

Plans - WhoGoHost Review


Conclusion – WhoGoHost Review

WhoGoHost is a very great hosting company. They deliver efficiently in all services and save you money, time and stress seamlessly.

More than enough web space, unlimited cPanel access, 99.9% uptime guarantee, affordable world-class hosting services and second-to-none customer support and more makes WhoGoHost the legendary hosting provider in the Nigerian Website Hosting Industry.

Do I recommend WhoGoHost Domain and Hosting Services?

Well, as a WhoGoHost user for about three solid years till present, I have fully enjoyed and gotten maximum value from all packages and services bought.

They delivered 100% in all their promises and met my expectations exceedingly. Thus, I passionately RECOMMEND WhoGoHost to anyone who is looking at launching an online business with a website.

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DigitalwebNG · November 28, 2018 at 12:38 pm

Recently their uptime has been stable and server response improved.

Tammie Shuman · February 21, 2019 at 7:30 am

Thanks for the info… Whogohost not the best out there but a good choice.

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