How To Write An Affiliate Product Review That Converts Like Crazy

One of the ways to appear as a professional affiliate in your niche is to know the ins-and-outs of services and products.

This is useful because it tells your audience that you are quite knowledgeable with your niche and this knowledge would be reflected in your product reviews.

Do you struggle with writing product reviews that don’t convert or convince any individual to take out their wallet and part with their money?

Are you also fed up of looking at all those fluffy items that guarantee to show you how to really make cash while writing product reviews?

Then reading this piece and following each process, step-by-step would help you solve your problems.

A lot of people think that writing a product review is basically just hyping the particular product and blowing all its trumpet.

Doing that would certainly be a turn-off to your audience.

These 5 steps listed below would give you an unfair advantage over your competitors in creating an affiliate product review that tells and sells and would help you boost sales just like this one.

Let’s dive in.

1. Know Your Product

The first step to really writing a solid, bs-free affiliate product review is to basically know the product.

This has to come first because nothing makes an affiliate product review sound more genuine than when you actually use the product.

A lot of marketers would usually attempt to write product reviews on products they actually have no idea, knowledge or hands-on experience about.

They would just use a couple of points that they have gotten online and this can be really terrible.

So, it is extremely important you do everything possible to lay your hands on the product and make sure you have a great idea of the product before writing about it.

This would not only allow you to create the product review easily but also offers you the chance to add extra content elements to your product reviews such as pictures and videos.

2. Know The Pros And Cons Of The Product

Here, you need to discover the exact upsides and downsides of the product you’re about to review without anyone assisting you.

You should never write on only the good side of the product but also include the negative points without sending your reader away.

Apart from this, you can get information about a couple of similar products and make a comparison with your reviewed products.

However, if there are more cons than pros about the product, make sure you propose a substitute product for them.

3. Insert Affiliate Links

When inserting affiliate links, don’t flood the whole article with links.

Doing this would not only be irritating to the reader but they would also notice that you are attempting to enforce the product on them. People don’t like to be sold to so take it easy and include your affiliate links only where it is relevant.

Also, putting a few links can injure your conversions.

You might have persuaded the reader to purchase the product while reading but if the link to the product is not consistently noticeable, they may have to search for the product on google or other search engines and purchase it there.

With this, you need to provide your affiliate links in a sufficient number of relevant places while writing the article.

Tip: The affiliate links should be placed around the top, middle and  bottom of the product review.

4. Keyword Research

Keyword research is a crucial step lots of marketers neglect when writing product reviews.

You have to find keywords that your product review will rank for and this should be done even before writing the review.

When you do the keyword research before writing, you would have a set of keywords to work with and you can easily optimize your product review for both user and search engine.

In case you don’t know how to go about this, here is a comprehensive keyword research guide by Brian Dean of Backlinko you can read to get actionable steps.

5. Promotion

Promotion is the major key to any successful business.

If your promotional and advertising technique is loosely organized, then it probably won’t be fruitful in targeting the right customers.

As soon as your affiliate product review is published on your website, it is essential to promote it to a large number of potential audience thus increasing sales.

All you simply need to do is to share the product review content on every social media platform accessible to you or better still if you have some cash to spare you could also promote it with paid advertisements.

Final Words

Writing a no-fluff affiliate product review that converts can be very rewarding if executed appropriately.

An amazing product review is the heart of profitable affiliate marketing.

Once you follow the steps listed above in your affiliate product review writing process, you would absolutely get more sales, I can assure.

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